Bermuda HM Customs Applications

Decisions Limited has been working with HM customs for over 20 years. Our existing Bermuda specific software applications cover the Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD), electronic BCD and the new Customs Traveller Declaration (eCTD) airport duty assistant application.


Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD)

Our BCD  has been in production since 2000 and is the industry leader for ease of use. It is a tried and true application for customs clearance for single company or multi company. if you have brought something into the island it has cleared with our application. Contact us today to discuss your customs clearance needs.


electronic BCD (eBCD)

An add on to the gold standard BCD application,  the electronic transfer module allows your company to clear your entries electronically with HM customs, a huge time saver. Building on our BCD application, your staff will take to it immediately. A few clicks results in a huge return on investment, with your clearance and query time halved at least, we guarantee it ! 

Android eCTD.png

Customs Traveller Declaration (eCTD)

We wanted to make our and your life easier when travelling. Instead of manually adding up and figuring how to categorise your purchases for the "customs form" at the airport,, the eCTD app for Android and Apple builds the totals and categories for you. Born out of a trip, lots of receipts and a spreadsheet, the free version is guaranteed to make it easier. The paid version handles your multi currency and duty free allowance needs.