Our Team

Zach Sagurs - CEO

With over 25 years of industry experience, Zach has amassed a wealth of knowledge about Networking, ISP's, MSP's, ASP's and Telecommunications. Zach has held positions including Director of Networking, Director of Projects, and Manager of Business Improvement for some of the biggest IT firms and ISP's in Bermuda. He is personally experienced with IT infrastructure and wireless design and rollouts to multiple locations, ISP POP relocation, and migration.


Chris McLeod - COO

During his 25 year career, Chris has been responsible for designing, installing and maintaining Banking, Hotel, Insurance, Law and many other ITC infrastructures. His technical (VCP, Certified cloud architect) and management experience (responsible for our group of 3 companies) combined with 14 years of advising our clients, gives Decisions and you a unique and experienced CIO resource to draw upon.