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Rapid IT Assessments

Rapid IT Assessments and Strategic Roadmaps

It's time to make your IT plan

Every company needs an IT plan and strategic roadmap to make technology a competitive advantage.

2022 is approaching fast and it’s time to assess your current technology capabilities and develop a rock-solid plan for the coming year. This isn’t a process reserved just for the “big guys.”

Rapid IT Assessments and Strategic Roadmaps are critical for all businesses, regardless of size. They provide you with competitive advantages and ensure that your business continues to run smoothly, even in difficult times.

What technology capabilities do you wish you had in place pre-pandemic?

Many companies around the world failed in part because they couldn’t pivot their technology when they needed to most. Poor planning often played a critical role in those failures. So, it’s time to act and make technology part of your success story.

An IT Assessment is the best and only place to start on your IT success story.

What is included in a Rapid IT Assessment?

Decisions team of experts will examine all facets of your IT function, including:

  • IT Administration and Management
  • IT User Satisfaction Survey
  • Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Account Management & Network Services
  • Server Infrastructure and Applications
  • Workstations, Peripherals, and Software
  • IT Security
  • Specialized or Unique Applications Review
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Resources
  • Web Services

What is included in the 2022 Strategic Roadmap?

The IT Assessment is the foundation for building your 2022 IT Roadmap. Our senior staff will collaborate with you to build a clear and achievable technology plan – one that supports YOUR business goals. It includes:

  • Setting overall strategy and IT objectives for the year, including milestones
  • Identification of high-priority, immediate needs. The “stuff” that MUST be done now
  • Proposed areas for IT investment
  • A high-level project plan

Why Do I Need an Assessment?

  • Increase Your IT Agility
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Detect Problems Early
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Better Planning of IT Expenditure
  • Reduced Risk of Business Disruptions

IT agility is a necessity and a major competitive advantage!

The pandemic pushed the importance of technology to the forefront of every business:

  • Connecting remote workers and bringing customers closer to you through digital channels is now an operational imperative. Can you deliver?
  • IT Security risks are expanding every day. Are you prepared?
  • Large-scale shutdowns are still a very real possibility. Can you survive?