Hardware-as-a Service (HaaS)

Technology hardware and support services for high-performance IT

What is CloudGear?

CloudGear is Decisions’ Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) offering and fits seamlessly into the CloudComplete Suite. HaaS in cloud computing when a business owner uses a third party for replacing, updating and maintaining their computer equipment. This includes things like security updates and patches, a critical area that SMBs often neglect. Outdated hardware and software is one of the most common ways businesses get hacked.

All the kit you need

With Cloud Gear, we supply all technology hardware and support services necessary for running your IT function. Some of the IT gear we can provide and manage for you includes:

• Routers
• Switches
• Wireless devices

The Benefits of Cloud Gear

IT technology doesn’t last forever. We all rely on computers to handle day-to-day business and they require regular replacements and updates to prevent your IT solutions from becoming IT problems.

Computer hardware that’s old, slow, or not functioning properly can cost you a considerable sum in terms of unplanned or “emergency” IT support fees, as well as the costs of replacement hardware if required. The impact of needing to acquire and install replacements on business profitability is not to be underestimated.

No Hidden Expenses or Surprises

The hidden expenses of wasted time and loss of productivity in a company because of poorly functioning hardware is significant. If something does go wrong, Decisions acquires the hardware you need without paying large upfront costs.

Decisions developed this HaaS offering because the truth is that many small businesses in Bermuda may not be able to afford to buy, lease or maintain the hardware they need.

This is Pandemic-Grade

Cloud Technology

“When Covid hit, companies had to move entire teams from well-connected offices to their homes or other non-office locations.

This led to the biggest proof of concept in the industry, involving millions of people using advanced comms to keep businesses in business.” 


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