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It’s everything you need to run your business in the cloud, with industry-leading security and performance, all at a predictable price.

We know that all this talk about “the cloud” can be daunting at times. If you can carve out 15 minutes for a quick call with one of our experts, they can walk you through the basics and explain how CloudOffice might work for your business. We’re easy to talk to and we keep things simple.

CloudOffice Packages

Decisions designed three different packages to choose from, each providing enhanced security, high performance, and total reliability to your IT infrastructure.

CloudComplete packages include:

    • All the software subscriptions you need, delivered through a secure virtual desktop
    • A full suite of cutting-edge security and privacy controls
    • Technical support
    • Remote access
    • Backup and recovery
CloudComplete Transitions

As with all of our CloudComplete offerings, the Transitions package begins with a focus on security first. When we designed this solution set we made the conscious decision to leverage the massive global infrastructure of Microsoft’s Azure platform rather than try to duplicate it on island. The primary reason? Azure is one of Microsoft’s flagship products and they invest aggressively on all aspects of its functionality, especially security.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest concerns that people have with moving to the cloud is the safety of their data and, in response, we have included a robust set of security tools on top of Microsoft’s basic offering.

The Transitions package has everything you need to get up and running on the world’s latest technology and quickly begin reaping the performance, reliability and security benefits of the cloud. All of this is supported by Decisions team of professionals to ensure a smooth transition and to help manage any issues that might develop.

CloudComplete Essentials

CloudComplete Essentials is the second offering in the virtual office suite and includes important additional capabilities that most companies are looking for: expanded support hours, enhanced security, employee training and line of business application support are included.

Essentials increases your level of control over and insight into your IT solution with services such as vendor management, mobile device support, regular vulnerability/penetration scans of your network, better email/spam protection, and dark web scanning to determine if your sensitive data or user credentials have been exposed.

It also includes additional IT strategy planning with the Decisions team to make sure the solution is working at the highest level.

CloudComplete Plus

The CloudComplete Plus package is the premier virtual office solution and meant for companies that want CIO-level ongoing guidance, the highest possible level of support, and additional web/security features.

Decisions Professional Services team will work with you to ensure your migration to the cloud is smooth and to ensure that all your workflows are running smoothly, including line-of-business applications that are not included in the Microsoft family of products.

What Can You Do With CloudOffice?​

Use All The Apps You Know

Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to relearn all the apps you use today. CloudComplete runs your apps on Microsoft’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure to give you the best performance and security available in the market. It’s not just MS365 either – you can run critical apps like QuickBooks too!

You can run more than MS365 with CloudComplete. You can move Line of Business applications like QuickBooks as well. 

Keep All Your Data Secure

Decisions built CloudOffice with information security as the top priority. Each CloudOffice package runs on Microsoft’s multi-billion-dollar infrastructure and is enhanced with an array of industry-leading security tools. Now you can be prepared to deal with hackers and malware and most important… you can keep your customer’s information private.

Make Customers Happy!

CloudOffice keeps you connected to your customers and lets you share information from anywhere you might be working. Moving to the cloud can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and also provides a great platform to quickly expand to meet increases in demand for your products and services.

We Help Bermuda SMBs Compete with Cutting-Edge IT

"CloudComplete is designed to deliver secure, cutting-edge technology at a predictable cost, allowing Bermuda's best SMBs to focus on their business."

– Chris Mcleod, Managing Director

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