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CloudComplete and a typical

SMB in Bermuda

This day-in-the-life example of an SMB owner using Microsoft Teams includes multiple devices with CloudGear, telephony with CloudConnect, and MS365 with CloudOffice.

Microsoft Teams is an example of a technology that many small businesses use regularly  and rely on for customer interactions and collaborations. 

The CloudComplete Suite gives you all of that with complete support, running on the latest hardware and software, with incredible security, speed, and reliability.



The CloudComplete Suite


Protect All Your Data

We know that every business is concerned with data security and information protection. Choosing any CloudComplete offering will be an important step to safeguarding your customer data.


Always Up and Running

One of the most important benefits of cloud computing is the immediate increase in reliability of your IT function. When your competitors go down, you’ll still be up and running.


Peace of Mind on Cost

One of the biggest concerns about IT is the variability of the monthly expense. CloudComplete brings certainty to the cost while improving security, performance and availability.

 Upgrade Your IT in 2023

Show Customers You Take Security Seriously

When it comes to protecting customer data, now is the time for action, not some time in the future. None of your customers are going to be happy the day you have to report a security breach. CloudComplete can help you avoid ever making that call. 

Be Better Than Your Competitors

When your competitors go down, you’ll still be up and running, ready to serve customers and keep the revenue streams flowing.

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Why Do We Take Security Seriously?


Increase in Ransomware

Ransomware is a common threat to small businesses, which make up one-half to three-quarters of the victims. Overall ransomware attacks are up almost 300% in the past year.


Experienced a Breach

Twenty-three percent of small and medium-sized customers say they had a security breach in the last year. Stay online with our comprehensive security to detect and respond to threats.


Average Cost to Businesses

It’s estimated that the average cost of a data breach to a business is $108,000. You don’t need to compromise because you’re a small business. Great security keeps you in the game.

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